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Privacy Policy

      All of the information that you provide me is mine to do with as I please, unless it falls under some existing confidentiality agreement between us. I may use this information in any number of ways, including but not limited to performing services that you request, in the day to day operations of this site, or to steal your identity, max out your credit cards, and flee the country. I may even provide the information to third parties, for purposes including but not limited to hosting this web site, analyzing traffic patterns, operating newsletters and mailing lists, handling credit card transactions, shipping products referred to here, serving ads, or ratting you out to the FBI on trumped up charges and having you shipped off to Gitmo.

      Additionally, I may use cookies or collect other information your web browser provides me, such as your IP ( and domain ( - I may use this information to improve the usability of my site, to personalize the browsing experience to your tastes, to provide technical and customer support, to better understand the demographics of my visitors, or to find out where you live and steal your stuff when you're not around.